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Chico PD Snags Thief with Bait Bike

Accused bike thief.

Accused bike thief.

The Chico Police Department managed to catch a thief in the act with a special GPS-equipped bait bike.

The suspect is being charged with felony grand theft for trying to take a $1500 bike the police locked up near the Safeway on Mangrove Street. This was the suspect's third arrest within a month, which at one point required bystanders to hold him until police arrived.

The CPD bait bike program is a response to an increase in bike and property thefts in the area. The GPS can be attached to any bike and others used are valued under $1000. Officer Rob Merrified said, “We’re happy to arrest a thief on any stolen bike." and hopes knowledge of the program will deter criminals in the future.

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