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Los Angeles Sued for Stealth Towing

The City of Los Angeles is being sued by a residential couple for what they call "stealth towing", where the city tows vehicles that are following all displayed signs and recognizable laws.

David and Jerolyn Sackman went on vacation with their vehicle parked in a public spot and with a permit in hand, intending to return the next week, but when they did they found their vehicle had been taken.

City Attorney Mike Feuer said, "Perhaps it is too broad a generalization to state, as everyone learned in grammar school, that ignorance of the law is no defense."

Jerolyn Sackman responded, "To assume someone would know about parking without any education or notification seems unrealistic for people to follow." The Sackman's have created a Facebook for their cause called "No Stealth Towing" for others to share their stories and complaints.

We await a better response from the city, presumably from a different attorney.