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Private Party Impounds

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Immediate Private Party Impounds

You're home from a hard day's work only to see someone parked in your spot. A minute or two of polite waiting later and no one comes to correct their mistake. Or maybe you're an apartment manager and an inconsiderate tenant keeps letting their friends occupy others' spaces. You need fast impound service from Brown's Towing .

Brown's Towing has been offering fast, reliable private party impounds to qualified property owners for over 20 years. We get there fast, we hook up faster, and we tow the culprit away so you can go about your day. Trucks, cars, motorcycles, RVs: if you need it impounded, we'll get it out of your way. Call Brown's Towing at (530) 345-6333 as soon as you have trouble.

We also offer towing, hauling, lockout, jump start, fuel delivery service and more. We're available 24/7 for impounds and emergency roadside assistance. Chico's best tow company is always ready to serve so call Brown's Towing today and we'll come through for you!